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Sunkissed Balayage





Undercut & Designs

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Hair Therapy


Major Reconstruction

This client came to me with extreme damage as you can see.  Her journey shown is from May 2014 to August 2015. I was able to reconstruct her hair with the help of strand by strand hair extensions for added protection, reconstructive hair treatments, and regular hair trims.  All of the photos above were taken before extensions were reapplied so you can see her true journey.  Some time after the Dec. 2014 photo was taken, I convinced her she no longer needed her extensions.  Her hair remains healthy today.


  • Protein and conditioning treatments $35-$65

  • Base shift-$40

  • Full head of Hilights: $115

  • Extensions: $80-$100 per hour- 

  • The price of the extension hair itself is determined by how many ounces or pieces you will need and which extensions I feel are best for your hair type.  You purchase them, and they are yours.  Afterwards you only pay for the removal and reapplication time.  Application time varies.

Want to

reinvent yourself?  

I'd love to help!

It's amazing what a new cut or color can do.

Even just a few sun kissed hilights around your face can make us feel like a brand new person.  

Have a Beautiful Hair Day!