Jayne Matzkin Hair

at Personne Complet Salon
for appointments text - (818) 307-4914

Keratin Smoothing Therapy
$300 shoulder blade length.  More for longer and thicker hair.

Keratin Blow Out Express
$150 shoulder blade length hair.  More for thicker and longer.

I offer several different methods of extensions.
A consultation is needed to determine which method and brand are best suited for your budget, hair type,  and what you want from them.
We will talk about what your end goal look is, and I'll let you know what we will need to do to achieve that look, let you know how much that look and the maintenance will be, give you a written sheet to take  home on how to care for those extensions so you can look it over to make sure all you questions have been answered.  A 25% non refundable deposit will need to be made to secure an appointment.  
I am master certified in all methods and offer several different lines.
or schedule a consultation to have all your questions answered. 

Please note that all chemical service prices may vary depending on your length and thickness of your hair.