Jayne Matzkin Hair

at Personne Complet Salon
for appointments text - (818) 307-4914

Hair Cutting:
Women's - $70
Men's - $40
Children's - $35 on up
Designs - $40 on up with consultation.

Moisture treatment - $25-35
   Custom blended for your particular needs.
Protein treatment -$30-35
Olaplex - 
   added into your color service-$30
   stand alone treatment-$60
Triple treat $110 -  all 3 treatments
Add a toner to your treatment: $5
Add B3 to your moisture or protein:$10 per dose
Adds amazing shine and pliability!

I offer several different types of extensions.
A consultation is needed to determine which are best suited for your budget, hair type,  and what you want from them.  
I am master certified in all methods and offer several different lines.

or schedule a consultation to have all your questions answered. 

Hair Coloring:
First time color - $80 on up
Base Color - $70
Base Break - $40
   Lightens your own color by 1 level
Refresh ends with color - $15
   While your base processes
All over gloss - $40-70 
TCA Accelerator - $10 Proccesses your color in half the time.

Beyond the Base:
Partial head-$90
Full head-$110

Bangs - $15-$40
Partial head-$120
Full head-$150

There will be a slight extra charge for additional colors.


Keratin Smoothing Therapy

$300 shoulder blade length.  More for longer and thicker hair.

Keratin Blow Out Express

$150 shoulder blade length hair.  More for thicker and longer.


Color services add ons:
COLORMELT - $40-$70
   A blend of 2-3 custom colors. Usually glazed over hi lights for a gradient effect.  See Galary.

GLAZE---perfects tone
   at the bowl as a rinse-$15
   after color service-$40
   on it's own: $70

Olaplex-bond builder
   with a color service-$30
   stand alone-$60

B3- Adds shine to any color service=$10

  When added to your color it processes in half the time.

Please note that all chemical service prices may vary depending on your length and thickness of your hair.