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All about that Balayage

Boliage...bowlyage...balajay...What is this Balayage thing? Balayage in French actually means "sweeping". So in hair color terms, it means, "The sweeping of hair color or hair lightener onto the hair." With this technique I can add dimensional colors of highs and lows adding movement to your cut and style. There are many ways that you can apply the balayage technique. After a consultation with your stylist on what your goals are for the look of your color, the choice of tools and application is up to the hair artist, and every hair artist has their own favorite tools and tricks.

TRUE balayage is a subtle sun-kissing of hi-lights. The painted strands process open air and create a look like you've been on vacation and basking in the sun. The balayage hi-light application creates a freer and more organic look and feel, so the need to run back and have them redone as soon as it grows out is less pressing. Your scheduled appointment may take a little longer than traditional hi-lights because they are artistically placed to create that natural look. You might want to have a couple of face framing hi-lights and maybe your tone perfecting glaze refreshed, but other than that you can usually stretch your balayage appointments out and not have to come back for a full head of balayage for another 6 months! So.... this would be a good time to also let your know that balayage is a specialized technique and not every stylist is proficient at it, so do your research. Look for a stylist that is certified in the technique of balayage. That being said it's a little pricier than traditional hi-lights because it IS specialized, but remember, you don't have to have it done as often.

You want more than just a sun kissed effect you say? For those Pinterest and Instagram photos that you see that are really blonde and are hash-tagged #balayage but you can see they started out with darker hair.....well that isn't exactly "balayage". I have new clients come in and ask for balayage hi-lights, but sometimes they're not exactly sure what that means. They just know they like "that photo" that they saw on social media. But that's okay, because I can also do a fauxlayage where I can create those lighter balayage-style hi-lights but in foils. But you must be prepared to take the time needed for your hair to get light enough. It's gentler on your hair to let it lift slow and steady rather than blast your color out, which will also blast out your hair's integrity. Then after it's light enough you will also need a perfecting glaze, which will refine your hilights to the exact tone of copper, caramel, or blonde that you're looking for.

When scheduling your appointment consultation, bring photographs of what you love and what you don't love. Photos always help you and your stylist stay on the same page. Make sure you know how much your stylist is going to charge you, and what she/he feels is going to be necessary to achieve your desired look. Also understand that if you have previous color on your strands, you need to let your stylist know what you've been doing on your hair for the last year for short hair, and 2-3 years for longer hair. We don't love surprises and neither will your hair or pocket book. Be honest with your stylist so these surprises don't arise....while you're processing. Your hair will tell the truth even if you don't! Hee hee.

Go to my web site at and see some of the photos of fauxlayage and balayage. Whatever you desire, schedule your appointment for a consultation and get ready to have beautiful hilights. I will have a new blog every 6 weeks. If there is a topic you are interested in and want me to do some research for you, or have questions you need answered about your hair, feel free to email me and And have a BEAUTIFUL HAIR DAY!

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