December's BUZZ

      December is here and you can feel it in the air.  The holidays are upon us so I hope you have your appointments precooked for your parties and events. I am now accepting bookings to the end of December 2023.  If you have a standing appointment or want a standing appointment to guarantee your spot this is the time to arrange those appointments. Requests will be considered first come first serve.  Printouts for all your future appointments are available at your request.


        Safety is my priority.  I know that some of you are still concerned about the COVID virus, so please feel free to wear a mask when you come in the salon.  I will gladly also wear a mask if it makes you more comfortable while you are having services done.  

Now that the weather is changing and we're coming into the new season I always remind all of you to make sure you are doing your hair treatments on your regular schedule.  If you have troubled hair and I do not have you one a regimen please ask me what that entails when you come into the salon.  I suggest a Yuko protein repair treatment and a Phi ten Bella moisture treatment.  I will put you on an easy to follow schedule with these two products to bring your hair back to optimum health.  I do offer in house conditioning treatments, but it is so much more cost effective to purchase the products and do them at home.   I'll give you detailed instructions and once you get going on your prescribed routine you'll see how easy it is.  

My hair extension services have been going great!  My current hair extension clients are thrilled with my new method of beaded sewn in extensions.  They are so seamless and the hair quality is so luxurious.  I do however still offer all of the hair extension methods available.  So if you have had extensions but have a favorite method I can accommodate you as well.  

 Thank you so much for your patronage and supporting my small business.  It's my pleasure to help you love your hair.    Don't forget to prebook and have at least 3 future appointments lined up.  I want you to have the date and time that works for each of you.  

See you in the salon!  And Have a Beautiful Hair Day!