April's BUZZ

          pril went by like a Rocket!  So many birthdays in the salon including mine and that was nice.    Thank you so much for all my birthday messages, posts, and phone calls.

   This month I worked on testing some new tools and ingredients.  I did a model call for a test drive for some of these new tools.  Look for my model calls on my Facebook.  The offers come once in a while when I want to either try something new or  want to teach my co stylists something new that I've learned.  I love to share new information with everyone.  I still have one more model to  bring in, and maybe I'll film a little bit of that.  If I do you'll be able to see it on one of my social medial platforms.  Don't be afraid to be one of my models.  I would never try something on even my models that I'm not 95% sure about, and I would never use anything with questionable ingredients. Usually it's about, "Do I like the tool."  "Does it work for ME." " Do I like how that product feels in the hair."  Things like that.  So be a model with confidence.  Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to find out about them.

     A new addition to my arsenal that I've brought in this April was the Brazilian Bond Builder B3.  They call it a "bond builder", but I couldn't imagine anything replacing my beloved Olaplex.  Olaplex is amazing at rebuilding your disulfide bonds in the internal structure of your hair.  It does the job...period.  But when I went to my friend Guy Tang's launch for his new color line, one of my #Hairbesties said she loves B3 and it's amazing.  So I had to give it a whirl.  I got some samples from the company and added it to a few conditioning treatments, and a few hair color services I did in April.  I have to say, I'm impressed.  The shine it gives is beautiful, and lasts for at least one month that I've seen so far.  And I say so far because it's only been one month since test driving it.  I'll update this review as my clients come back.  It also made the hair feel pliable and lustrous.   I'm only charging $10 to add it to either your glaze,  protein treatment,  or moisture treatment.  If you're having your base color done, you can have this done while your base color is processing.   I'm told that it also makes your glaze or vivid color last longer.  So far I'm finding it to be true.  So my verdict is I still love my Olaplex for the inside structure of the hair.  It's the O.G. bond builder and I haven't found anything else like it.  (Although I'm always looking just in case)   And B3 is for the outer hair adding that shine and pliability.  I love them both.   A win win!

For those of you that already know me, 2017 has been about purging the excess in my life.  Starting with my home art studio/office.  I've been going in different directions with my salon business, but it takes me a while to get each step done.  I'm a tortoise and I think each step through very carefully.  I've been considering doing You Tube tutorials for my clients to go to with short how-to's on caring for their hair.  Kind of an "Answers to my frequently asked questions, but in a video."  We'll see how it fits in. But it's there in my mind and it doesn't go away so you may be seeing this in the future.    Meanwhile, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to shoot me an email.  I'll be glad to help.  And Have a Beautiful Hair Day!


Love what I do!  I feel so lucky.